Old People Shouldn’t Be Driving!


I live near a retirement community. It’s scary. There’s a major problem in this country, and very few states are willing to addressing it. The elderly are still getting behind the wheel, and it’s DANGEROUS!

Sure, you’ve got these idiot teenagers text messaging while they drive (“OMG, I just farted… lol”), but these old people pose just as much of a risk to fellow drivers on the road. Each and every time I leave my house, I have an encounter with one of these drivers. They’re driving 20mph UNDER the speed limit, weaving across lanes of traffic for no apparent reason, or driving the wrong way down a one-way street. They are completely oblivious to other drivers, and pose a real danger to others. There have been countless accidents across the country, many even resulting in death!

About 10 years ago, a 90-year old neighbor of ours “got confused between the brake pedal and the gas pedal” when he was backing out of his garage, and somehow managed to drive across our neighbors yard at full speed, CRASHING into the side of our garage. He knocked out a major support beam for our house, and it was 2 months until we could move back in! The police didn’t really do anything. Luckily, this guy’s kids decided it was time for him to stop driving. Ya think?!

Still, nothing changes. There should be a rule that once you hit 60, you have to take a drivers test again, and continue to do so every 5 years. This would make the roads a much safer place. You’re 85 years old, where the hell are you going anyway?!

Rant off.

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2 Responses to “Old People Shouldn’t Be Driving!”

  1. Bournemouth Driving Lessons says:

    I think that people should be re-tested every 10 years. If you fail it wouldn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t drive again straight away, but you might have 6 months to take refresher lessons and re-take your test or something. It will probably happen one day!

  2. Hugo Poppernuts says:

    At what age does a person become infirm enough to not be driving. I’ve
    seen people that got licenses at agt 16 when I was a kid that because of
    hidden medical conditions, drove till they either killed someone else or
    themselves or both.

    Every DMV in the nation would like an answer to this problem. I have
    worked in public safety for 40 years and am near retirement. The agency
    I work for requires commissioned officers to retire at age 60 unless
    after a rigerous physical examination they are found fit to continue and
    then only for 2 or 3 years beyond 60.

    Driving should be the same. Start with a physical exam at any age, put
    the onus on the medical community to send in a report on anyone of
    driving age that is suspect of being incapable of driving, that way only
    doctors would have drivers licenses. You get the idea though. It has
    to be a hard and fast rule or regulation that is adopted or mandated
    nationwide like the 55mph speed limit was a few years back. Driving is
    a privilege, not a right as the Supreme Court has already ruled on.

    Killing or maiming someone with a motor vehicle is not and should not be
    allowed or approved of for any reason.

    If you look at the statistics they will tell you one thing, There is a
    certain age at which drivers of a certain age have fewer crashes, they
    start with a high for youger drivers, that’s why young people above the
    age of 25 start getting better rates on car insurance and usually will
    continue till and when a person starts having multiple crashes at an
    older age.

    Many DMV’s already have a program in place that recognizes the numbber
    of crashes and or violatons and when they reach a certain number the
    driver is required to take a test to continue driving. But and it is a
    big BUT, no pun intended, just because someone is SUSPENDED, CANCELLED,
    or REVOKED does not mean they can be made to stop driving, I see it all
    the time. Many times as the driver in a fatality crash report. There
    are no easy answers to this problem.

    Everyone has a responsibility to report poor driving on the part of any
    driver as it may result in a person being curtailed from driving.

    I saw this as a kid. An 87 year old man got confused, hit the gas
    instead of the brake, ran over a parking meter, when through the front
    of a ladies wear store and kill 2 women and a child. He was charged
    with Vehicular Homicide, but come on really what do you do with an
    otherwise responsibile elderly citizen who won’t live long anyway other
    than to take their license and that’s about all.

    I rest my case.

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