Mosso Review: 1 Week Later

So it’s been a week since I first signed up with Mosso. As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to leave the headaches of my dedicated server behind me, and give their Cloud Sites option a shot instead. I’m happy to say that their product works as advertised, and I think it’s going to be a great fit for us.

That’s not to say the migration hasn’t been without issues. I’ve moved 39 sites over to Mosso. It has been a MASSIVE undertaking (and I’m still not done!).. Their control panel really needs some work. For the casual hoster, it’s just fine. But if you’re a power user like me, you’ll get frustrated pretty quickly.

The biggest issue? They don’t have one-click installs (eg. Fantastico).. The process to install WordPress is entirely too time consuming! You need to provision the domain name. Then you create a database. Then you download WordPress onto your PC, and then transfer it to your Mosso site via FTP. Then you have to run the WordPress installation script to setup the wp_config parameters (database name, password, SQL host location, etc). Then, after all that, you get to go and setup your e-mail addresses. But wait, there’s more! If you’re using WP Super-Cache, you need to tweak your settings to work with Mosso. Then, if you want WordPress to be able to e-mail you (notifications, comment moderation), you’ve got to add a line to your .htaccess file.

Thankfully, that’s the biggest complaint I’ve got with Mosso. Their control panel is still a thorn in my side, sometimes timing out for no apparent reason. And I’ve had some provisioning hiccups where a domain gets added twice. But all in all, once you get past the setup headaches, it’s clear sailing from there on out.

CPU cycle usage was my biggest concern coming into this. Based on my calculations, I may exceed my 10000 cycle limit, but not by too much. (I’m saving $100/mo with Mosso, so even if I spend an extra $25 for the month, I’m still ahead by $75)

It would be great if you could get usage reports for a specific time period, but for now they only report usage since your last billing cycle.

If you’d like to give Mosso a shot, send me an e-mail and I’ll give you a referral code good for $25 off your first month. And as always, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

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4 Responses to “Mosso Review: 1 Week Later”

  1. Yang Yang says:

    I also suspect their 10k computer cycle might be the bottleneck. May I know how many page views in total across all of your sites in there that consume that much cycles (slightly exceeds 10000)?

    Yang Yang´s last blog post: PHP: Convert Radians to Degrees and Degrees to Radians

    • Zander says:

      If only it was that easy. Last month, we did about 325K pageviews across our network, and used 22K compute cycles. But some of our blogs used more cycles than others in relation to the number of pageviews. Some of this comes down to database access/usage (the bigger the DB, the longer the search?), and even which theme and plugins you’re running.

      I’m still working with them to try and figure out why two of my sites are using a TON more cycles than the other 30+ sites. It’s a struggle, but I’m confident that we can get this squared away.

  2. Mosso Customer says:

    Think twice before hosting your dynamic website (with database interactions) on Mosso (Rackspace) cloud.

    While RS cloud computing offerings are fantastic, it doesn’t fit for dynamic content.

    Rationales behind above comments:
    1. No detail reporting available.
    No historic data available.
    No request with more detail is entertain.
    No clarification will be provided for any strange boost in CC uses.

    2. The CC (computer cycle) uses for similar amount of traffic without any major changes to your website will fluctuate.

    For one month xyz requests will have 20k CC’s
    Next month ~xyz request will have 40l CC’s

    Don’t get surprised if one day you will be charged 3-4 fold.

    3. No support for any CC request. The fanatic support people talk about from Rackspace fails when they see the words like ‘CC’ or ‘Cycle’. What you get is pre formulated answer which tells you that even support people or there technicians do not know what is going on. Expect horrible support on any of these requests.

    4. There is no way you can calculate the CC’s for any new functionality you are launching. Which means you can’t plan future uses.

    5. There is no defined set of activities for which CC’s are calculated. i.e. only website uses or uses of email, control panel, backup’s, statistics captured etc.

    The ultimate fact is the whole system is not transparent and you will find tons of problem before you get addicted to the benefits of cloud computing and find it difficult to leave it. Unfortunately that is the case with me.

    • Zander says:

      I completely agree with you. The compute cycles have been a constant source of annoyance for me. Back in September, RS made some magical change to their system, and as a result our usage numbers instantly jumped up by more than 2X. This past month, I was hit with an extra $141 in overages. Kinda sucks, as every month since September I’ve had over $100 in extra charges – Yet for the past 14 months, I had managed to stay under the 10K cycle limit without any problems.

      Still, the peace of mind that RS Cloud offers me (I was on vacation for 10 days and knew that my sites would be fine) makes up for the extra cost. When I had a dedicated server, it was a constant headache..

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