AT&T Doesn’t Need Your Business!

att sucks

I’ve had my iPhone for just over a year, which means I’m still stuck with a 2G version with EDGE, while the rest of the world is zipping by on the 3G network. 🙁

Determined not to make the same mistake, my Dad decided to wait until the WWDC before ordering an iPhone of his own (to replace an ancient Verizon phone). When news of the 3G S came out, he decided to take the plunge. Better yet, though a cash-back deal with Bing, he’d be able to get 35% off his order, saving him about $70 in the process!

A few days later, he receives a cryptic e-mail from AT&T saying that his order has been rejected. No phone number to call, no explanation as to the problem, just a 3-line e-mail that couldn’t be less helpful.

He calls AT&T Customer Service, and gets passed along from clueless CSR to clueless CSR. Apparently no one has the ability to look at his application and find out why it was rejected. He’s never been an AT&T customer, his billing information was correct, and yet no one could explain what was happening.

He was connected with a “manager” after 30+ minutes on the phone, who told him to go to an AT&T store and they’d deal with it. My Dad said that’s not going to fly, as they live pretty far from an AT&T store. (Plus, he’d lose his $70 Bing CB). So the guy promised to investigate the issue and call him back. This was a week ago. No one ever called him back!

AT&T apparently doesn’t need his $1680 ($70/mo x 24 months).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. AT&T SUCKS! Their service sucks (I never had dropped calls on Verizon!). 28 other carriers got MMS and teethering with the OS 3.0 update, but AT&T still doesn’t! WTF?!

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One Response to “AT&T Doesn’t Need Your Business!”

  1. Dennis Field says:

    I’m with you on that one. AT&T is dropping the ball here big time. They seem like they don’t WANT me as a customer… first they tell me if I pay for the phone full price, I don’t have to start a 2-year contract to get on my iPhone. Then (after I have already bought the phone, of course, and will have to pay a 15% restocking fee) they tell me I still have to go 2-year AND pay a $750 deposit on top of that, after paying $750 for the phone!

    When Apple goes back to Verizon and says “ok, our bad, we screwed up by going with AT&T…can we do a phone for you?”, we’re going to see a complete 180 from AT&T…they’ll actually have to fight to keep their iPhone customers.

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