Don’t Fall For The ZipWeb Scam

Yesterday, I received a call stating that my local search listing was being upgraded to a featured listing for 30-days, at no cost to me. My spidey sense kept telling me to hang up the phone, but as I listened to the caller’s “pitch”, there seemed to be no harm, as they weren’t collecting any payment information from me or anything. He said something about “If you don’t want to continue after 30 days, just let us know and we’ll cancel at no cost to you”. So I said fine.

I decide to do some searching on this company ZipWeb, and I’m just bombarded with BAD REVIEWS. The bulk of the posts talk about how they tack on a $49.95-$99.95 charge to your phone bill, a tactic known as cramming. Most people forget to cancel, or never heard when the CSR mentioned the fact that you have to cancel or else you’re going to get billed. It’s only when they get their outrageous bill that they find out what happened. Of course, ZipWeb won’t give you your money back, and that’s how they get you.

Articles like this, this, and this all show people who’s been taken by this scam. There have even been allegations that the company splices your recorded phone call to make it sound like you agreed to things that you didn’t.

Troubling, to say the least. In any event, when I tried to immediately cancel the service, I was told that I have to wait 5 days until my information appears in their central system. I’ll be calling them on a daily basis until I get written confirmation that my “account” with them is cancelled, so that I have something to fight them with should they attempt to bill me anyway.

I’ll update this post as things progress. Consider yourself warned!

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33 Responses to “Don’t Fall For The ZipWeb Scam”

  1. Tax Man 89 says:

    This company is totally legit..i currently use there services..the problem is that people need to listen when the sales pitch is being explained “call in before 30 day trial is up”. dont blame for your lack of attention to details.

  2. Mosley Electric says:

    I have had the same problem with them. i contacted the zip web company explained to them that i did not authorize the charge to my phone bill. they did return the credit back to my phone bill now im doing another 30 day trial it does come up on when i search im considering using them for my advertising with them. but im still not decided they will refund your money though.

  3. Sarah says:

    TOTAL SCAM!! These people should work hard like the rest of us rather than robbing people. What they do is they take advantage. If you have a legitamate business than you stan behind your business. You dont have to hope people forget to cancel or put people off and lie about waiting so many days to cancel… They got our company. The owner got an email saying we were going to be charged for this service. immediatly he called said he didnt authorize this and doesnt want the service. Made this very clear. He was told we wouldnt be charged. Well guess what? I got our phone bill today and yes we were charged 49.95 and then $3.00 on top of that. Called and the guy whom answered the phone wouldnt give our money back. Said we ordered this and so its our fault. Wasnt gonna cancel until my boss got over the top pissed and started threating to sue him. He wouldnt let us talk to a manager said he was the manager and we asked for an owner finally he said ok I will cancel but your not getting your money back. This is theft. We are going to file a police report and I encourage others to do the same. We asked for a confirmation by email from them with a cancellation number.
    Stand up to this company and dont let them get away with this. This is problem some college drop out young lazy 20something that came up with a way to scam for money then getting a damn job!!!!

  4. Robert says:


    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marc Mc Collins says:

    I beg to disagree especially to those people or business owners like me claiming that they were scammed by ZipWeb.

    Toni Sanders,one of zipewebs account rep called me up and offered online listing last November of 2009.
    I accepted their offer and tried it out..(until now),it’s great to be part of them and to belong with there internet listing.I noticed that more and more people now recognized our business.Probably those who were scammed were not paying attention during the call was made or was not explained further by the ,but with TONI SANDERS,i just dont know if i will use he or she..
    he/she were able to explain it very clearly and very direct to answer all my saying this because my friend is also claiming that he was scammed by someone named Nancy Lopez?i think it would really depend on who called you,as an owner you should have ask questions and listen very carefully to what you are agreeing as well.if you were contacted by zipweb look for Toni Sanders.He/she can explain herself properly and what zipweb is and very polite.i thik if you were contacted by her you will NOT be complaining.When i was contacted,infairness to zipweb company because of TONI SANDERS it was clear to me that its a 30 day trial and after that if i decide to continue its $99.95/month,and during my trial period i need to notify them if im going to cancel the service but i can let them know during the 3 contacts that they will be initiating during the eval period…which i believe common complaints as i have read above.Toni said the 3 contacts is sending of info.and since i did’nt have my email ad before it was sent via mail,and their account manager will do follow up call,mid month progress report after 2 weeks,and reminder before the eval ends and their service is an automatic billing i have to let them know if dont like their service during 30day eval for me to avoid unwanted or unnecessary charges because its an automatic billing service according to Toni(but i did not cancelled anything cuz its a continuos blessing to my business)Thanks to Toni.And that’s what and how i understand zipweb.And he/she even asked me if i have anymore questions before we hang up.I just wana be fair enough with ms/mr Toni Sanders of Zipweb,he/she clearly explained everything that i need to know about them and how my business will appear and how will my customer finds me online and their process.So i decided to post this.You Guys better Speak with TONI SANDERS of ZIPWEB.And for zipweb why not create or train your employees like Toni Sanders.You are putting some stain to your company name because of those not properly trained employees.Thanks to Zipweb

  6. ICI says:

    Total and complete scam. They got us for $500 and we went through AT&T and had them reverse the “fraudulent charges” – They went as far as to send a recording of the phone conversation – wherein there was a lot of talk about contacting us via phone, email, mail etc. before they would charge us – not once during this conversation did our rep ever agree to any charges or any trials. The conversation went like “I am confirming,,,” then 3 minutes later our employee replied “thanks” and hung up.. Not once during the conversation did we agree to anything.

    Hell their site is shell, no functionality, it’s comical from a web admin standpoint. So not only do they fraudulently charge your phone bill – they are charging you for a worthless service that holds no SEO value whatsoever. In 6 months we received ZERO hits from their $75-month link charge.

    If you don’t want to be bothered with this, I suggest you call your phone company and ask for a third party block to be placed on your billing. This prevents fraudulent companies from charging you without you knowing.

    Any posters that are saying this is a legitimate company are obviously employees of zipweb. Just google zipweb scam and you can read dozens if not hundreds of complaints just like ours. There is even a complaint from a (supposed)former employee who admits they scam people.

    I believe I will put the phone conversation we received from them online eventually – you can hear the lie for yourself.. is a totally fraudulent company.

  7. POPS Armory says:

    Scam artists, avoid if you can.
    My company’s story is OH-SO-SIMILAR to those posted above.
    Yes, I think that I may have accepted a “trial” period in which I was NEVER notified and/or given even one of the promised three chances to cancel. I have more important things to worry about in my business than a damned internet third party service trial period. I forgot about the thing. They billed me on the January phone bill, to which I called that evening to dispute and/or cancel. I finally resolved to the fact that I “may” have said OK to the trial and then agreed to pay the $99.95 for that billing period and in return received a cancellation number, effectively cancelling as of 19 Jan 2010 (The date I rec’d the Jan phone bill).
    Bill paid, cancellation number in hand, I felt the issue is history.
    WRONG !!!
    I just rec’d the February phone bill (rec’d 25 Feb 2010) and it is charged again.
    After an unsuccessful phone call last night to Zipweb, I got the same run-around as; no supervisor; the person I was talking to insisted that he was the one that had the final authority; it was past the billing cycle when I cancelled, etc. Zipweb so far, has refused to credit the billing to the February phone bill. I contacted my phone company this morning, placed the February charge “in dispute”, refuse to pay it, and placed a third party block for future charges to my bill.
    Zipweb has my cell number and ERIC has a voicemail from me to return my call. He is supposed to be some kind of supervisor. Hopefully we can resolve the issue, I refuse to pay ANYTHING charged after the initial cancellation date.
    This has been an unnecessary, unpleasant, stomach acid producing experience. It is not over YET !!!!
    I have NO kind regard for anyone or any company that preys on the good intentions and work ethics of the ten-of-thousands of small business owners out here trying to make a living in a “legitimate, ethical, and law abiding” business.

  8. Gary says:

    TOTAL SCAM–Don’t fall for it. I like the other person said am a little too busy to have to worry about calling and cancelling a trial period. Please do not do business with this company. Put a third party block on your AT & T account.

  9. jodie says:

    oh gr8 just got this call today since i’m starting a business-thanks for the heads up i will cancel as soon as i can

  10. MikeC says:

    Whew! Thanks for the headsup! They called me too. Sure sounded fishy to me.

  11. ICI says:

    Below are the emails between me and – apparently they have decided to ignore my requests, removed my listing about zipweb, removed my login, and are not replying to my emails.


    I was under the impression that our complaint would not be removed from ripoff report. I searched and found it was missing, and a disclaimer stating that you do not remove complaints?

    Kirk Eason

    Web Administration


    From: Jim Stockman []
    Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 11:54 AM
    To:; *******
    Subject: RE: Zip Web -Kirk Eason – United States of America

    Mr. Eason,

    I would very much like to be able to respond, in detail and accurately. Would you please be so kind as to provide me with the phone number that was being billed so that I can research the issue and respond quickly?

    Thank you,

    Jim Stockman


    From: []
    Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 9:54 AM
    To: *******
    Subject: Zip Web -Kirk Eason – United States of America

    Name: Kirk Eason
    Location: , United States of America
    Email: *******

    Dear Kirk,

    We’ve read your submission to us located below our email signature. We totally understand your frustration.. We know for a fact that Zip Web has made some drastic changes and will be making more as time goes on… They are participating in our CAP – Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. They have made many changes and making more as time goes on to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

    NO, they are not going to or can they sue anyone that was a real customer who are making a complaint. Top executives at the company are committed to getting to the bottom of these problems that their customers are making claims about so they can fix them internally so they do not happen again to their customers. Could we be wrong? We don’t think so because they committed themselves to this program, and it should made consumers feel confident when doing business with them.. Only time will tell, and we will look forward to your comments after they have contacted you..

    We’ve read what you said below and find it very hard to believe that Zip Web would ever approve of what you explained below, but, we may not totlay understand your problem – –

    We dont doubt you feel in your heart that what you are saying is true, but… this is NOT the Zip Web that we know.

    We know they have thousands of success stories and the amount of companies on Rip-off Report are only a fraction of their business – we know that is no excuse, but, better than that, the company does not want anyone to be dissatisfied.. More than likely there are problems with some specific staff handling your specific account, but I could be wrong. Either way, we know they will want to make it right with you.

    We are taking the liberty of sending Zip Web your information so they can fix things to your satisfaction

    Please, between you and I … I ask that you be nice and calm with them (not to say you would not) .. for the moment, give them the benefit of the doubt – – you must give them credit for wanting to make things right with anyone that has had issues in the past – you have nothing to lose.. It’s not every day companies do this – they could have just changed their name like most other Rip-off companies do.

    They will be in contact with you in 3 to 5 business days more than likely much sooner.

    NOTE: You should know, it’s complaints like yours that have made Zip Web better today, Zip Web said they know this. You should also know they have made changes that Rip-off Report is real excited about, hopefully not too late for someone like you. This is a tough business and there are truly bad companies out there in this business – – but, remember, no company or individual is perfect… all companies will make mistakes, it’s how those companies rectify those mistakes that separates good business from bad businesses.

    Thanks so much for contacting us – You will see, they will make things right with you.

    Please send this entire email back to me and let me know what happens – – please… and your comments about what we are doing are desperately needed, as we are still a new service to consumers and businesses, we are looking for comments from people like you, especially if you do not agree with us.

    Your ideas and criticisms are welcome. Any questions good or bad, please let us know.

    To understand more about this program – please go to this link.

    Amy… staff member for …

    ED Magedson – Founder

    Rip-off Report
    PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280

    ===================================== Fraudelent Charges – on Phone Bill – without permission Internet, California

    After looking through our Phone statements, our receptionists caught an error whereas we were being charged for some service call “” at the rate of 74.95 for 6 months.

    We immediately contacted zipweb and had them cancel the account as well as they reimbursed us for that month. We explained that we had never once heard of them and never received any information from them at all. They claimed that we had agreed to their service and stated they could send us the proof of the confirmation in a voice recording between their representative and our sales person.

    After about a week or so they emailed us the phone conversation. The first conversation started out with their representative confirmed that our sales person was over 18 and able to make decisions regarding this service to which she replied yes. Then their rep went on with a 3-5 minute spill that started with “I am confirming that you are.. ” and ended with him stating “congratulations” to which our sales person replied thanks and ended the conversation. Several times during this conversation their rep stated that we would receive email confirmation, phone calls (3) and information in the mail regarding the service – before we would ever be charged for it. And not once during the conversation did our sales person ever agree or confirm anything other than she was over 18 and able to make decisions regarding billing.

    The 2nd conversation consisted of a phone call a few days later whereas their rep confirmed our sales persons’ email and restated the fact that they would indeed contact us with email, phone calls, and regular mail BEFORE we would be billed for anything. Again our sales person never once said yes or agreed to anything – trial or not. Also their rep had a very rough middle eastern accent, and I had to listen to the conversation several times to actually understand what he was saying.

    After reading the dozens of complaints against this company I called our Phone provider AT&T and explained that we had been fraudulently charged by this company and offered the telephone recordings as proof. The AT&T rep sounded like this was nothing new and she said she thought AT&T was by law required to allow these third parties to bill us – but she did offer to put a BLOCK on our billing so they would have to contact us directly and bill us by mail in order to get paid. I had never heard of this and hopefully if you are reading this now you will call your phone company and place this block on your account. This prevents companies from fraudulently charging you via your phone bill. Instead they have to charge you the old fashion way, whereas they will have to actually get your permission and then wait for you to send them a check as payment, etc.

    Additionally I would like to add that holds absolutely no worth as a seo link. You can get better links for free. Charging someone $75 a month for something that is free is ridiculous. So not only are they fraudulently charging customers, they also offer a service which is of no value to anyone. Apparently their entire business is based around stealing money via fraud – why they even bothered to call us is a complete mystery.

  12. ed says:

    A man named David Dadid call my business w/this offer
    knew it was a scam b/c while he was on the phone i googled zipweb and found this link
    Thanks 4 the heads up
    here is the # that came up on the caller Id

  13. Justin says:

    I just received a call from zipweb. when a quick google search of the company comes up with SCAM on every result, you know something is wrong. Thanks for the posts.

  14. C Luhn says:

    Just got a call from these folks. Initially, they made it sound like this was a community-based org. (I asked for the name of the company and misunderstood, Google searching a similar sounding name and freaked when I got a porn site!) The got all the scam reports once I punched-in the right name (whew!). All the time, the caller was yammering on and I perked-up when she mentioned “no cost” . . . “30-days” . . . “three chances to cancel”. By then I’d finished reading the reviews here and told the lady to forget it, and added “I DO NOT authorize any charges to my phone bill unless I authorize it in writing.” I repeated that three times, and ended the conversation. Now, I’ll hold my breath for the next 30-60 days. Ugh! Other than that, it was a complete waste of 10-minutes of my time.

  15. Bill says:

    These people are VERY good at what they do. Their overseas phone banks cold call you and do or say whatever they can to get you to agree to try their 30 day trial. They follow up with you as promised 3 times after their initial call from India. Everything about them seems legit (including the comments on this site that defend them). The problem is that they are not. If they spent half as much time providing you with a service as they spend pretending to do so, they could be real. Call your phone company and immediately put what Verizon calls a “Miscellaneous Block” on your phone service so that they can’t start charging you. I tried three times to cancel in a nice, professional manner, and each time was told that their systems were down. Come on… You provide an internet service that promotes companies on line, but your simple Intranet database server is DOWN? Pathetic. I feel bad for the employees of this fake, garbage, rip-off firm.

  16. Zander says:

    Everyone that’s been affected, please Digg this story so we can make more people aware of their bad practices!

  17. Louis Bachrach says:

    Don’t believe any of the positive reviews. They were planted here by zipweb employees. ZIPWEB is total fraudulant. A bunch of real liars and crooks. They sell listings on a site nobody uses. They also sneak in the charges in on your phone bill. They call my business several time a week. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  18. Ian Schultz says:

    PLEASE do not get involved with ZIPWEB! I signed up for the 30 days and started getting billed without my conscent. An Indian women left a message on my voicemail, which I didn’t return, because she told me on the first call that the service would be cancelled unless I agreed to continue it. After I called to cancel, they explained their services so I actually agreed to pay them more. For the past 8 months they have never gotten my website to come up under any zipcode or search term other than my local zipcode, which google does for free if you know how to use their free SEO tools. I have over the coarse of 6 months been trying to get my money back. They keep billing me and I can’t cancel through my phone company because ZIPWEB told me they wouldn’t give any money back to me at all if I cancelled my service. Each time I call it’s a new person and a new excuse. I have been promised checks and call backs from Mallyve, Adam, Derrick, Josh, George, Angel and Gable. Each time nothing. I will be contacting the BBB (by the way ZIPWEB has an F rating), the FBI internet fraud division, and the AG’s office. I am tired of waiting and I can’t imagine how many other people have just given up.

    • Zander says:

      What’s even funnier is that people from ZipWeb keep trying to leave fake positive comments on this post, not realizing that I can see all of their comments are coming from the same IP ( Nice try.. 😀

  19. Tom Messina says:

    Just like most people listed here, I too fell for the 30 free trial. Tried to cancel before the end of the free trial and couldn’t get through so I returned their email explaining that it was a complete waste and to please cancel. My answer came back a few minutes later – Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: When their bill showed up on my phone bill, I was furious. Called again, got through this time and was able to cancel. No money back but did get an email back acknowledging the cancellation. I then called my phone company (Century Link) and they put a block on my phone bill and told me not to pay the ZipWeb charges. I hope that is the end of it.

  20. Ed Smale says:

    There was no mention of a 30 day trial period – it was a quick we’re updating our records on our website. When I called them back @ 866.586.3900, the rep THEN told me of the 30 day free period – and placed us on a do not call list. Now I have to wait a week or so to see what they actually intend to do.

  21. tyra banks says:

    You better believe my post. I work as a call centre agent in the philippines dialing for and there are different vendors of the account we have ACQUIRE ASIA, PACIFICHUB, AMBERBASE SOLUTIONS to name some. Our intro spiel is we emphasize that BEING THE FEATURED AND RECOMMENDED BUSINESS IN THEIR AREA NEXT MONTH IS AT NO COST – YES, THIS MAY BE TRUE BUT zipweb is not freakin known like superpages. we insist also THAT WE WILL ” CONTACT THEM 3X” THE UGLY TRUTH HERE IS THAT, you will only receive 1 phone call and they splice every recording so pls. do cancel your listing if you already have one and you were scammed.

  22. John says:

    It is obvioius that the majority of your posts are from disgruntled call center employees that have been fired for doing bad jobs. Some of them were probably doing terrible things on the call, that are referred to by some posts.

    ZipWeb, which I have used for three of my businesses, has been helping me acquire customers for over 5 years. It is not a scam if you use the site the way they explain it!

    Your site it not fair and you my friend need to get a life!

  23. Fed Up says:

    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Did I say that this is a SCAM! The few favorable responses that that you may have read is just the people from the scam Zipweb. I got hit with a cramming scam once. Take a look at the back of your phone bill for any odd charges. To prevent this from happening again, contact your phone company and tell them that you won’t allow changes to be made to your account by voice. They can do this and it will prevent this Cramming scam from occurring.
    And by the way – Yes, these *sshol*s will chop your conversation up and provide the phone company with the answers that they require. SO he’s a big DON’T DO – DON’T Ever say the word – YES.
    Two big things to keep from getting scammed – Don’t say the word YES – and call your phone company up this instant and tell them that you will not permit them to make changes to you account via voice. Do this and you will be a lot safer.

  24. Lauri McClure says:

    We also got scammed by these people. I talked to the telemarketer and figured I had not agreed to anything. They say they have an audio of me agreeing to this, but were unable to play it for me. I am trying to get my phone company to reverse the $200 in fraudulent charges because they refused. To add insult to injury, I went to their website and tried to find a listing for us, but it didn’t come up under any search I tried. Stay away!!!

  25. EI says:

    I have a very bad experience with ZIPWEB, Payment1, or as

    they are listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB) eBusiness

    Service Group. Just as most other posts here describe,

    they do not appear to me to be a reputable company. As of

    today, May 5, 2010, BBB has them Rated F. BBB description

    of Rating F is We strongly question the company’s

    reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to

    respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly

    misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s

    licensing or registration requirements, their complaints

    contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s

    industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.”

    (That is a copy and paste from BBB site.) This Rating

    accurately describes my experience with the company. First

    off, the person at our company that talked with someone

    with a heavy overseas accent never gave authorization for

    any charges. Additionally, our representative took the

    time to ask three times if there would be any charges of

    if there ever would be. Once we discovered one of our

    phone lines was being charged $107.95 per month, we

    contacted the third part Payment 1 to find out what the

    charges represented. They told me they specialized in

    search engine optimization so our company would show up

    first in search engines. They also claimed that the search

    had to include city and state. Well guess what, it you

    search for our business including city and state we will

    be on the first page because we are the only business that

    will fit the search. We have never been shown any evidence

    that any service was provided for the fees charged. They

    would never provide any type of invoice or bill describing

    the charges. I requested a copy of the audio file that

    they claimed contained the proof of authorization for

    charges. They claimed that a copy of this audio file would

    be provided for me within 7 business days. I have just

    called them for the 8th time in 7 weeks and they still

    have not provided the file. They did once offer to refund

    one monthly charge because of the delay in providing the

    audio authorization file. I contacted the North Carolina

    Utilities Commission and filed a complaint against ZipWeb

    for what the commission calls SLAMMING. Our telephone

    carrier promptly refunded all charges from ZipWeb.
    When i did finally get the audio file, sure enough it had

    been edited to only include the agent getting our

    representative to say it was ok for them to provide one

    month of free service. Total rip off. Call your states

    Utilities Commision if you have been charged unfairly as

    we were.

  26. Greg says:

    I’m always suspicious whenever somebody calls me by phone or they advertise it on tv.
    Experience has generally proven that people buy mostly on impulse so that is why these sales techniques are so effective.
    Zipweb is not a total scam…Let’s just say they are 3/4 of the way there.

  27. victim says:

    The people offering positive comments on this company are being paid to do it, or else being made offers they can’t refuse. Where’s law enforcement when we really need it?

  28. Hendeson says:

    I have my recording of the Zipweb rep repeatedly telling me I would be contacted 3 times and that I would not be billed unless I agreed to keep the service. Being the lawyer that I am, I also made a statement on the recording stating that they did not have permission to bill my phone, etc., the guy said yes we will call you 3 times, also you will get a call tomorrow… Anyway, they billed me anyway. Ultimately after forcing them to send me the recording wherein they say I authorized this billing, they refunded all my money, I think $600.00 worth. AGain, contact US Postal Inspector looking into this company and others. His name is Andrew Wong.
    ANDREW WONG PHONE CELL 415-819-3918

  29. mukabe bekila says:

    To make everything clear, i used to work at Winsource Solutions inc., a call center based here in the Philippines. Ebridge a US based company (if you can call that company) outsourced Zipweb using filipino agents to call US based businesses and encourage them to try the 30 day trial period to have their businesses listed in what they call business listing in their respective areas. Saying that their business will be featured in the list at no cost. The agents don’t just speak with an ordinary employee of the business that they call. They need to talk to somebody who has the authority to make financial decisions for the business. All agents assigned to call and pitch for the program were trained and equipped with complete scripts and some list of rebuttals as tools to fool the contacted person. Whoever is saying that this Zipweb is legit, may God help you. You must be one of those who fool and hook people and rob them of their hard earned money. I know what I am saying because I am one of those who called for Zipweb way back in 2006. Beware all of you!!!…It is one of the greatest scam on earth.

    • Tutubi_Zipweb says:

      OMG… mukabe bekila, Are you sure that you worked with Winsource Solutions inc.,THEN if so… You should know that the service must be cancel within their featured month if they don’t want to be billed next month, right? And I’m sure that you know that you will deliver the 5 key points just to make sure that your sale is valid. It’s not the company who has a problem instead its the customers who have a Lack of attention to details. I believe that it’s you who fool people and I’m sure that you are not a PERFORMER that’s why you says something BAD to the company that you’re working for before and for the Account itself. Ha Ha ha…! GET LOST MUKABE BEKILA. TSE !!!!

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