Why Don’t Affiliate Managers Want My Traffic?

Based on the way various affiliate managers treat their affiliates, I really wonder if they grasp the concept of affiliate marketing..

I make a living driving traffic to merchant sites. If those visitors make a purchase, I earn a commission. The merchant is happy (he got a sale), I’m happy (I made money), and the affiliate management company is happy (they get a piece of my commission).

It’s a WIN across the board. But lately, I’ve been dealing with a number of affiliate managers that just don’t seem to care! In order to keep the peace, I’ll refrain from calling out any companies by name.

So I’m a VERY active affiliate for this one merchant. They are the only merchant I promote on this particular affiliate network. The commission is low, but I can generate an amazing amount of targetted traffic for this niche, so I deal with it..

Based on my performance, I’ve asked on more than one occasion if it’d be possible to get a slight bump in my commission rate. I don’t even get a response. I can understand if that’s not possible, all I’m asking for is a response!

This merchant has a sister company, and their affiliate program is also being managed by the same network. I had an issue applying for the program, which appears to be just a bug in their system. It took nearly 2 MONTHS before someone (not my affiliate manager) finally fixed the problem, after countless e-mails from me. It’s like THEY DON’T WANT MY MONEY?!

But it’s not just this company. There’s a merchant on CJ that will not accept my affiliate application. They have an issue with one of my affiliate sites, as it promotes an industry that they don’t care for.

I explain to them that I’m an affiliate, and I promote in a number of different industries, and I’d be developing a whole other site to promote them. I show them how much I’ve earned for other merchants in this niche, but they don’t want to hear it.

It’s frustrating because it’s a niche that I have no problem generating traffic for, but unfortunately they don’t want my business. You’d think with the economy, merchants would be eager to gain new customers. (Who they could then market to directly, cutting me out after the first sale)

But on a brighter note, MarketLeverage is the best affiliate company I’ve ever dealt with. My affiliate manager used to call me on a weekly basis to see if there was anything he could do for me, even when I wasn’t actively promoting anything on their network. When I did earn some money, they’d FedEx it to me! Big earners like John Chow and Tyler Cruz are treated like kings, with all kinds of perks given to them.

If only all affiliate networks operated this way!

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