Russell Got Screwed!

I’ve been a loyal follower of Survivor from Day 1. 19 seasons over 10 years, and I’ve seen it all!

Sure, there have been a few seasons where the wrong person won the game, but this season takes the cake! Russell Hantz is hands-down the ultimate Survivor contestant, changing the game forever. Yet a brainless, spiteful jury decided to award the title of “Sole Survivor” to his sidekick Natalie, best known for looking good in a bikini, and killing a rat. WTF?!

Our jaws dropped when the votes were announced. It just didn’t make any sense.. I’m still reeling.

Here’s hoping he kicks ass on Season 20, where he should have a bit of an advantage since none of his fellow contestants have seen what he’s capable of. We’ll find out this February!

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18 Responses to “Russell Got Screwed!”

  1. Brian Thompson says:

    Russel is a lying piece of crap. I just saw an interview where he said his grndpa was a hero in the war, just like he was in the floods of New Orleans…You deserve to loose you arrogant sack of crap. I bet $100,000 your oil company is a hot shot service with one broken down 1/2 ton!

  2. Peter says:

    Brian you FAIL – its a game, the game is survivor, its outwit, outplay and outlast. The game isnt Christian bible buddies, its not high school clicks, its not ‘lets all hold hands and sing folk songs’.

    Russell tore that up like it had never been done before – those life failures on the Jury were simply too bitter to recognize they were beaten in a GAME by the BEST in the game.

  3. bman says:

    Peter why can you not grasp that the point of the game is to get votes at the end! That is what this all boils down to. If you don’t give those people on the jury any reason to vote for you then you have failed at the game! You guys talking about how he played the best game are crazy, he played it pretty damn well up till last night when he refused to give the jury any reason to vote for him. Like it or not folks thats is the game and he screwed it up. It’s also funny that he was crying, big bad Russell crying bacause he doesn’t understand a basic part of the game!

  4. Linda McPherson says:

    Russell, my husband and I are still reeling after your loss. Very peeved as well. You are by far the best player of Survivor ever. We cheered every time you found an idol.
    Good luck to you and God Bless you and your family.

  5. skippy says:

    I was quite disappointed and irritated that Natalie won. She’s a nice girl, I really don’t feel she deserved it. She did poorly at challenges, made only one or two strategic moves, and let Russell do all the heavy lifting for her. He worked his tail off strategizing and scheming and playing the game as hard as he could, and Natalie won it for being “nice” and riding his coattails to the top. The jury were sore losers who voted for Natalie because they were still bitter that Russ outwitted them.

  6. wanda says:

    Hi HERO,i have to tell u ‘YOU’ were why we stayed into the show .we couldn’t wait to see what the hell you were up to next!you kept it all going. it would have been boreing without you. i hope u get a chance to play again .’hi 5′ when u said u had a web we laugh,, n i said i bet you did . e mail us. we would love to be friends .i would love to hear about some of ur day’s eating n playing.

  7. HIEDI says:

    Russell Rocks! He outplayed every single person to EVER be on Survivor! Russell, you got ROBBED! I have never ever missed an episode of the show, and you changed the game. The jury took everything personal, and that is not how they are supposed to vote! Natalie was just hooked up to the right star. In a week it will be Natalie who?

  8. HIEDI says:


  9. Brian Thompson says:

    Russel thought he knew everything and that he had it in the bag…tough titie Russ. You destroyed peoples property, drained off your team mate’s water, lied and failed to make any REAL alliances. Did you forget there was going to be a jury whilst you were flapping your jaw as to how much you had the game wrapped up? Idiot!

  10. Melissa Vivian says:

    Brian, I so agree with you on everything you said about that low life weasel. His ego and arrogance lost him the game because he thought he had the game in the bag. HAHAHA , I was so happy when Natalie won the million and he sat there with his over inflated ego head hanging low. It was a great feeling for me. Good luck with your ditch digging business or WHATEVER it is you actually do Russell. People think you’re a hero??? If they had a scum bag catagory you would have won hands down. He made me sick every time I had to look at his sorry face and listen to him brag about himself. I am so glad he lost. But it doesn’t stop there … he actually tried to BUY the title. Give it up Russell you idiot!

  11. Melissa Vivian says:

    We work in the same place ya dumbass. We both hated his guts . Mind your own business and post a comment about the low life.

  12. Brian Thompson says:

    Hey Zander,
    Same office, same opinion! Never been on this site before and will never again. Is Russel a HERO to YOU like sooo many other uninformed Americans?!

  13. Melissa Vivian says:

    There are no emotions involved here. What I took exception to is the way that man treated the women on the island . His constant degrading comments on how stupid he felt they were. That is NOT part of the game. So for anyone who actually watched the show and payed attention to what he said, and did not take offence to it, makes you just as bad as him. So, you hail him a “Hero”?? Sorry, makes no sense to me.

  14. Craven Moorehead III says:

    Russhole got robbed, that lil’ cvnt Natalietard sucked, couldn’t win a challenge, she didn’t even move her bowls out there.

  15. kahuna says:

    I belive that amer people should have the last vote for the game and that will take care of the problem for ever

    • Becky says:

      That’s not survivor though. The rules clearly state that you get so many people in a JURY to vote for the final winner. If America votes, there would be no need for the jury and thus it would not be Survivor.

      Sorry, but Russell has no excuse.

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