My First Week Using Facebook Ads


For the past 18 months, I’ve heard numerous Internet Marketers singing the praises of Facebook Ads.. They made it out to be the Wild Wild West, like Adwords before bid prices ballooned out of control, but even better since you could target VERY specific demographics if you liked. Sounded interesting, but I never put much stock in it..

Fast forward to today.. Facebook is the #2 most visited website. People (like my wife) are completely obsessed with FB. I figured it’d be a viable medium to try out..

Anyway, I came across an interesting affiliate opportunity, and it seemed like Facebook would be the perfect place to promote it, since I could hyper-target my ad to specific demographics – Something I can’t do with traditional PPC engines. I asked the AM if we could promote it through social media (since they had a number of restrictions in place), and I was given the OK.

So I sign into Facebook, and create my first campaign. I create my first ad, and waited 6-8 hours for it to get approved. Of cource, the ad gets denied because of some obscure rule in their TOS (I can’t target both males and females, I need 2 seperate ads).

Once an ad is denied, you can’t even edit the ad to make it compliant, you have to start over from scratch. So I create a new ad, and try to upload a picture for the ad (which I had no problem doing the first time). For whatever reason, the system REFUSED to accept the picture despite my best efforts. Facebook is having issues, and after messing around with it for entirely too long, I just gave up and quit.

A few days later, a friend asks me about my FB Ads experience, and I decided to give it another shot. This time, the upload works fine, and I was able to get my ad approved about 4 hours later.

About 5 hours after the first ad went live, I noticed that I hadn’t gotten any impressions. I thought that maybe I had made my demographics a little too narrow, and decided to expand the age range. BIG MISTAKE! Any single change you make to an ad makes it go back into “Pending Review” status.. This time, it took about 8 hours to get reapproved!

Fuck me, this is getting ridiculous.. So the next morning, I take a look at my stats, and I’m still getting next to no impressions.. So I’m forced to up the bid. Helps a bit, but still not getting the volume I need, so I up it some more. I finally find the sweet spot, and I start getting impressions from my ad.

It’s at a higher bid price than I wanted, but as long as 1 in 12 clicks results in a conversion, I’m still in the black.

Unfortunately, my first ad isn’t getting ANY clicks, so I need to now build a number of other ads with different headlines, different copy, and different pictures, and see which one works best for me. I’ll probably submit a batch of ads on Sunday night, and they should be approved by Monday morning, at which point I can start monitoring what’s working (and what’s not), and adjust things accordingly.

It’s been a frustrating experience so far (especially with the complete lack of support from FB), but I’m willing to hang in there a bit longer and see if it pays off.. Fingers crossed.

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2 Responses to “My First Week Using Facebook Ads”

  1. Mr Javo says:

    Wow it seems like you lived a nightmare! That really sucks man…

    I don’t love fb ads, but for me have worked decently.

    As I mentioned on my blog, the CTR is the worst thing about them, but the last campaign I run, I got one conversion for each 2 clicks, which was great.

    For the rest, I think you should give it a try again… It’s not that bad!

    Looking forward your thoughts about fb ads 🙂

  2. Jack H. says:


    Does it force an ad into “pending review” when you change the bid price? I know it does for everything else, just curious if the big forces it to a standstill too.

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