Why Don’t Businesses Listen To Their Customers?

Yesterday, my wife dragged me to Ann Taylor Loft after breakfast. It was her birthday, and I promised to get her this overpriced jacket ($79.99) that she wanted. We got there at 10:30am, only to find out that they didn’t open until 11am. We decided to just sit in the car and wait until 11am, since we weren’t in a big hurry..

Over the next 30 minutes, at least 20 people showed up! Most walked up to the door, found it locked, looked at the store hours, and then left. And a few people waited like us.

Now, I figure that between 10-11am, probably 30-40 people showed up, and 90% of those people left when they found out the store was closed.. That doesn’t sound like a good business practice, especially in this economy. How hard is it to open up an hour earlier? Have a single person working for that first hour, and your cost goes up by $7 or so. The first sale you generate in that hour will easily pay for her hourly rate. (Like I said, this place is EXPENSIVE!)

But enough about LOFT. On Saturday night, we were at the mall, and decided to get some Blizzards at Dairy Queen. I’ve been getting the Kit Kat Blizzard any time I go, it’s that good! But when I went to order, the guy told me that they no longer offered Kit Kat Blizzards! I was pissed, as DQ is constantly changing their menu, usually just after I find something I like.

Why do this? I went on DQ’s website, and found a thread about the various Blizzard flavors. There are HUNDREDS of people complaining that they got rid of the Cotton Candy flavor. DQ needs to realize that for every person that takes the time to complain, there are another 50 people who don’t bother saying anything..

Is it worth it to lose thousands of customers because of an arbitrary flavor change? Heck, I don’t care if you don’t list it on the menu, make it a special “secret” flavor that you can order, ala In-and-Out Burger.

In today’s market, where every penny counts, retailers need to think about how to best cater to their customers..

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One Response to “Why Don’t Businesses Listen To Their Customers?”

  1. Trent Carter says:

    I hear you man.. I used to always get the Lobster Ravioli at Maggiano’s Little Italy, but now that they’ve gotten rid of it, I won’t go back.

    I’m not the only one upset with this change, there’s actually a whole thread about it on their own Facebook page!


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