John Chow Teaches You How To Spam!

Last night, John Chow made a post called Collecting Trackbacks for Fun and Profit. In it, he promotes a somewhat grey-hat program called Trackback Collector, which automates the spamming of blog trackbacks.

If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve surely dealt with Trackback spam already. Many of us have just disabled Trackbacks, and that solves the problem. In fact, the old spam plugin we were using even had an option to automatically discard any Trackbacks that came through!

Now, I don’t know if this was a paid post or what, but I think it’s a bit irresponsible for John to promote such a product to his readership! As an authority in the blog world, tens of thousands of people will end up reading this post.

If even 10% of his 75K Feedburner readers decide to try this method out, that’s 7500 people spamming on average 500 blogs. Yes, that’s 3,750,000 “fake” trackbacks generated because of a single post.

Just what the blogosphere needs, more spam. 🙁

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11 Responses to “John Chow Teaches You How To Spam!”

  1. […] of others.  I’ll stick to actually reading other blogs and posting relevant comments.  Zander Chance agrees with me on this […]

  2. I’m with you. We do not need more trackback spam and promoting this trackback spam builder is pretty irresponsible. I don’t know if you accept trackbacks but I linked to your post to.
    .-= JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome´s last blog ..Constant Content Tips: Hayley Writer Interview =-.

  3. Barak says:

    I think you misunderstood how this software works. You’re going to submit trackblinks, but it’s a burden to find them and copy them. This software does that for you. It’s not spam software.

  4. If you aren’t going to link to another site but you want to say “hey I wrote about this too” go make a comment there. Simple.
    .-= JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome´s last blog ..Constant Content Tips: Hayley Writer Interview =-.

  5. Barak says:

    When you enter a trackback link in WordPress it links back to the blog you submitted it to.

    That’s not spam. You all are just overreacting. This software only collects the trackbacks, it doesn’t spam anyone.

    • Zander says:

      By definition, the purpose of a TrackBack is to let a site know that you are referencing them on your on site. If you’re not actually referencing them, but just entering their link (so that you can get a backlink from them), it’s spam in my eyes..

  6. From

    Sponsored Reviews:
    The blog accepts sponsored reviews at a rate of $500 per review. Sponsored reviews receive at least 12 hours as the top front page post. The gives your review maximum exposure to John Chow dot Com readers. You can read some of our reviews here.

    To order a review, send all the information about your product or service and paypal $500 to The average review takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

    I think that is the answer. And if the “service” does not help you create bogus trackbacks what exactly does it do? Gather blogs so you can manually make bogus trackbacks? No one is going to write a post and actually legit trackback 500 blogs on it.

  7. web design says:

    I’m in the opinion that is a product review John is doing. He did mention “… When I receive trackback from a blog post that doesn’t link to my blog, I reject it even if the topic is the same..”

    I follow the link on John’s site an it end up in a minisite promoting the product from clickbank.

    I agree, this product do have spamming element.

    • Zander says:

      Oh, there’s no question that it’s a paid review.. My issue is with him endorsing it, knowing full well the type of “power” he has. I’ve declined plenty of Sponsored Tweets in the past, because I felt that they weren’t appropriate for my followers. Same concept.

  8. JadeDragon says:

    Well every day I get to delete trackback spam from users of this or similar programs. Some of it is very sexual, some absolute non-sense, and some just annoying.

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