The High Cost Of Seeing A Movie

So over the weekend, my wife and I went to see Limitless. We don’t go to the movies too often, because prices have gotten out of control. But she wanted to see it, so I relented. The cost for a night out at the movies? $41

Yeah, I about had a heart attack! 2 tickets, a small popcorn, 2 boxes of candy, and a soda. What the hell happened to the old days when you could go to the movies for under $20?

Something’s got to change here.. In my younger days, I would go and see a new movie every Friday night. $4-5 for a movie ticket (thanks to the Student discount), and somewhat reasonable prices at the concession stands. I’d usually go with a hot dog or nachos for $3-4. Throw in a soda, and I was still only in for $10. If I had a date, the cost was still around $20.

Let’s do the math. Let’s say I saw 40 movies in a given year. That’s $400 that the movie theater is getting from me. Today, I see maybe 2-3 movies a year, netting the theater $60. But really, it’s probably not even that much. If I’m going to Regal, I’ll make it a point to go on a Tuesday, since all Tuesday movies are $6. And if you have a Regal card, popcorn is only $2 on Tuesdays. I can’t in good conscience pay $6-7 for a drink, so I’ll probably smuggle in a drink. So the theater gets $8 out of me. Multiply that by 3, and they’ve gotten $24 from me in the course of a year!

See the problem? They’ve brought this on themselves, and it’s the consumer that suffers..

It makes more sense to wait until movies come out on video. Check out my price breakdown:

Cost of DVD – $16 (to PURCHASE it)
Popcorn – $2
Box of candy – $1 (x2)
Soda – $1

So I’m spending $21, and I get to own the video? And if I rent the movie, it only costs me $10!


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2 Responses to “The High Cost Of Seeing A Movie”

  1. Gabi says:

    I agree with you it’s so expensive these days!

  2. James says:

    It’s a shame that the days of the grand theater experience when you would get dressed up to see a movie at cathedral like theater.

    The movie houses have to resort to staying 1 step ahead of the home experience with super sound systems, ultra big screens and 3D to attract customers. The might have to provide moving amusement park chairs to stay ahead of home technology.

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