Tips for Standing Out at Conventions

Standing Out At Conventions

In the history of American marketing ,there probably was never a person who ever attended a convention or similar event that didn’t have one overriding concern before they entered the site: “How can my company stand out from everyone else?”

First of all, rest assured that everyone else who is attending the conference has the same thing on their minds. Secondly, be aware that to really stand out at a convention begins largely as just a state of mind. That’s all. Consider this article your primer to make that state of mind a reality that turns into sales.

Supreme Self Confidence
It’s a shame that the success-focused 80s came and went as quickly as it did. This is because, for all of its novelties, there really were a lot of wonderful grains of truth to be had. One of the most important was probably “Success begins in your mind.” It’s simple but true. Unless every member of your team firmly believes that they have what it takes to glow at a conference or any other event, they won’t.

All Together Now
It is an unfortunate truth that being convinced of your ability to be successful will only carry you so far. After that point, you will need something different, which is your ability to make the necessary effort to arrive at a desired result. What can you do as a team that will make you stand out? Wearing team colors, a similar hat, or other wearable item is great, but you should also emphasize that your most important commonality is your product or service as well as your conviction that it is the best to be a part of your particular company.

Obtaining Substance
Now that you’ve got everyone on your team excited about their prospect of standing out at a convention, you need something for them to stand out for. Obviously, the center of this will be your product or service. If you are planning on having a booth or some other display at a conference, the more the better, but that’s not critical. As much as selling can be done from a booth, with enough people circulating throughout the convention floor, your selling efforts can take place everywhere.

No Wallflowers Allowed
Whatever your company mission is, make sure all of your representatives on the convention floor are dressed to the nines, complete with name tags and brochures and other materials about your company and products. Then, you should have all your people spread out and talking to everyone on the convention floor. Have them talk to literally everyone. Give out cards. Make friends with other attendees. Make sure your people do everything they can to reach every corner of the convention floor with your sales message.

Keep It All in the Mind
Before the members of your convention staff ever set foot on the floor, they should understand that their main mission is not to make sales. Instead, it should be to build relationships, with everyone. Simply put, people don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems, and they buy them from people they like and trust. That’s the beginning of selling anything.

Back to the Beginning
As you finish reading this article you may be thinking to yourself, okay, so where am I now? The answer is, back at the beginning, where you learned to build supreme self-confidence. And the truth is, that’s where you want to be at this point. With the relationships that your crew members have built during their time on the convention floor, they will be able to go back after the show is over and renew those relationships with confidence, knowing very well that they stood out at that show, and now it’s just a matter of profiting from those relationships.

This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who looks forward to sharing his knowledge with the readers of Zander Chance so they can make better business decisions. He writes this on behalf of Excalibur Exhibits, a full-service trade show and event marketing firm that specializes in creating memorable trade show displays, corporate interiors, and corporate events that make a big impact. Check out their website today to see what they have for you and your business!

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