After Nearly 10 Years, I’m Leaving GoDaddy..


For almost 10 years, I’ve used GoDaddy for domain registration. The first domain I ever purchased was actually through Network Solutions, but I soon learned that I was paying WAY too much over there, and made the switch to GD. Now over the years, I had read horror stories about them, but I never had any issues with them. I registered around 100 domains with them, and paid the hefty renewal fees every year.

This past year, GoDaddy hiked up their rates a bit, and even with coupons, the best deal that I could find would cost around $8.50/domain. That wasn’t so bad. But when I went to renew a domain back in January, the best price I could find with them was a little over $10. And then yesterday I went to renew another domain that was expiring, and NONE of the promo codes were working, leaving me with the decision of renewing this domain for $12.50, or transferring it to somewhere else.

I chose the latter. After doing some research, I decided to transfer my domain to NameSilo. They charge $8.39 for a domain, and if you use the code SAVEMEABUCK, you can save a dollar off of your order. What I like about NameSilo is that I don’t have to hunt around for coupons each time one of my domains come up for renewal, as their regular price is just $8.39. And their reputation seems to be rock solid, unlike some other registrars out there.

Now, I won’t like, the process of transferring your domain from GoDaddy to NameSilo isn’t exactly clear, so I’ve laid out the steps if you want to do this:

  1. Created an account on
  2. Logged into your GoDaddy account and launch the Domain Manager on the domain you want to transfer.
  3. Under DOMAIN SETTINGS, manage the LOCK setting and unlock the domain so it can be transferred. (I think GoDaddy has them locked by default)
  4. Scroll down to the AUTHORIZATION CODE section at the bottom and have it email you the authorization code. (You use this code to initiate the transfer on NameSilo)
  5. Once you receive the authorization code, log into NameSilo and select the TRANSFER tab.
  6. Put your domain name in the transfer a single domain and click search.
  7. Put in the authorization code that GoDaddy emailed you and click Transfer these domains.
  8. At this point, you have to pay for the domain transfer using the code SAVEMEABUCK, bringing the price down to $7.39.
  9. You will receive an email from GoDaddy about the transfer, and you need to click the approve link in the email.
  10. It will log you into your GoDaddy account, where you can either approve or deny the transfer. Approve it if you want to allow the transfer to go through.
  11. You then should get an email from NameSilo and you go to your account there and accept the transfer and it is done.

The whole process took around an hour from start to finish. Once you do one, you’ll find the process much easier the next time around.. But since GoDaddy doesn’t have the most user-friendly interface, it’s a little confusing the first time around. Hopefully these directions will help you out.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll help you out the best that I can.

Adios GoDaddy!

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22 Responses to “After Nearly 10 Years, I’m Leaving GoDaddy..”

  1. Power Domainer says:

    Similar story. I left Godaddy during the whole SOPA/PIPA backlash. But it was really their procedural silliness (e.g. arbitrary domain locking), hidden fees (e.g. a club fee, ICANN fee and tax) which drove me to look elsewhere. After looking around, I ended up at and am happy there. For domain transfers, the cost is $8.34 for .COM but with one big bonus: they do it for me via their free do-it-for-me service called Transfer Concierge.

  2. Dana says:

    I just did the same thing after I too discovered the renewal codes aren’t working anymore.

    I had been referred to NameSilo and really like how streamlined their service is. I’m planning to transfer all my domains from GoDaddy as soon as possible!

    • Zander says:

      Yeah, I’m in the process of moving some more expiring domains over, and I noticed they now have a “multiple domain transfer” box where you can enter up to 500 domains. That’ll make my life MUCH easier, since I need to move over another 40-50 domains. The worst part is unlocking each domain on GD and then waiting for them to send over the authorization code. (I’ve been waiting for 20+ minutes already)

    • hula33 says:

      I use Godaddy and;

      Namesilo offers a ONE TIME $1 OFF PER ACCOUNT

      Their everyday low prices are GREAT!
      Namesilo also offers lots of great features
      and is easy to use.

  3. Moving From Godaddy says:

    I too have been a Godaddy customer for over 8 years. I don’t have a large number of domains (around 300) but my frustration of having to look for discount codes every month just to get a fair market renewal price. Needless to say, this is no way to run a company. Since I am renewing domains monthly I saw in January 2014 that Godaddy had increased the renewal to over $10 then a month later it moved to $12 and the this month, April 2014, was at over $15 and I was only able to find a 10% off coupon to work. I attempted to move my domains and discovered that because I had responded to a Godaddy request to update my ICANN information that I had voluntarily agreed to place a 60 day Lock on my domains… it is this kind of “Trickery” that has soured me on Godaddy. After, writing a couple of requests to have the 60 day domain lock removed, Godaddy agreed. Again, this is just not a way to run a company which should be built on customer service.. I too have moved my domains away from Godaddy as they have lost touch with their customers who are the source that pays their salaries, bonus’, tv advertising, etc.

    Bye Bye Godaddy…

    • Zander says:

      Wow, I can’t believe they put a lock on your domains because of the ICANN business.. Ironically, GoDaddy contacted me after seeing this post, and they said they would get me a better locked-in rate without having to hunt for coupons everytime one of my domains came up for renewal. But I never heard back from them after that, and my rate is still crazy high. So I’m slowly moving my sites one by one as they come up for renewal.

  4. CJ says:

    I just moved 34 domains from GoDaddy to NameSilo using their bulk tool, and it wasn’t too bad. I wish there was an easier way to unlock and request auth codes on GD without having to go into each domain record, but within 20 minutes I had everything completed. Now I’m just waiting for the approval link e-mails from GoDaddy.

    While it was a bit of a hassle, it saved me an easy $150, so I’m not complaining!

    • hula33 says:

      I used to be able to get codes in each of my domains on account; then godaddy removed the codes and instead made me click a link saying “email code”

      I’ve wondered for a while if they did that to everyone or just to some customers – what’s with that anyway?

  5. Mike says:

    I have been with them six years. They called back around new years to say ” Thanks for sticking with us, do you have any questions? ” Then over night they raised rates. They said I was previously grandfathered in under a old plan but they no longer offer it.

    I always hated the way they wanted to charge a liver or kidney (arms and legs are not worth much anymore) just for IMAP. My new hosting service let’s you use any protocol at no extra cost.

  6. Tokkok says:

    Same as me, left GoDaddy for NameSilo.

  7. Pat says:

    I too have been a Godaddy customer for over 10 years, lately they started charging me with various prices to renew names same tld, all .com, going from 7.99 to 11.99 EUROS, not $$$, I asked them why : was 7.99 and 11.99

    Answer was because names didn’t have the same anteriority which, of course, make no sense.

    Today I had to renew names, still all .COM, prices were from 7.99 to 14,99 EUROS ($18.72) so i decided to transfer to NameCheap, it save me over 100 EUROS.

    I believe they don’t need to keep their customers and moving my names make me feel really good, i still have names with Godaddy and will not renew a single one anymore.

  8. Josh says:

    I have been a customer for over 8 years myself but I only have 2 domains. I had the unlimited email plan and without realizing I didnt realize how much it kept going up over the years. Without a long detailed issue, my main gripe is it went from averaging in the $20s, and last year was $35ish without a coupon, and this year it was $83 and I could use a $10 off coupon I found.

    When I called them, they would not budge. When I spoke to a supervisor, nothing. When I talked to a chat rep, nothing.

    Then as someone mentioned, I received a call, heeeeyyyy how is the services doing for you? I let him know it wasn’t great due to over twice the price hike. I was told it was “upgrades” for Outlook 365. However, the Outlook 365 was going to cost me more to have my 2 accounts and they couldn’t combine them together. I let them ALL know that it wasn’t going to work for me because it was only a personal account and it doesn’t make sense to have TWO users for two logins. I mean after all, they gave up to 10 free accounts for unlimited. Since I didn’t qualify for the Outlook upgrade, why did mine spike up so high? It’s not fair and this business practice is not going to keep receiving my dollar.

    So after 8 years of happy email service, I downloaded my messages, and uploaded them to another provider. And when my domains expire, I plan on moving those too.

    PS: It was great talking with the reps. They all told me that I must have used a coupon. Or I got my email for a discount for the first time I got the account. But when I asked them to look at my last year statement and they told me, oooh yeah it is $36 without a coupon…hmmm. And I stated…you do realize I have been using the same package and a customer since 2006 right? Usually, they couldn’t dig themselves out a hole.

    /end rant

    • Michel says:

      Just had the same experience as Josh, they claimed I had a friend working at godaddy who had adjusted the price for me, wtf. In the end they gave me a 40 usd discount, making the costs for email this year 80 usd instead of the normal 35ish. I will be leaving Godaddy for sure.

  9. david says:

    Well, Same here.
    Moving 2 domains today and the rest 30+ domains during the year.
    They must think we’re stupid to raise the price from 6.99 to more than 15$ on a record in a database.

  10. north beach says:

    wow, godaddy is a serious debacle. we have been online since 1992 and we opted to sign up for godaddy some 14 years ago, because the rates were low and the help desk folks were amazing. then year by year, the entire company slid downhill. until they reached depths lower than i will ever fathom.

    due to a godaddy software glitch we were not able to pay our 7.99 bill online while traveling overseas. we tried using our phones to pay, and web cafe computers, and each time the godaddy system crashed. they also halted their email and live chat support, and only offer telephone “support”, and we use that term loosely.

    we had tried to back up our site files (under 2 GB!) about 100 times, but the godaddy site kept disconnecting our connection. so, after a huge tiresome debacle that had occurred at least three times in the past three years, godaddy deleted all of our site files for a past due bill of 7.99 that was about 35 days overdue. after 14 years of payments and their own software issues creating the mess in the first place.

    in contrast, having hosted our site at earthlink for many years prior to godaddy, earthlink kept our files on their site for over 3 years (!) accessible via ftp even after we left that company. so what?! godaddy deleted all of our files after 30 days. that is the most disgusting company on the planet… in that tiny cache of 2gb we lost some valuable images and a ton of work building the site. and yes, we were unable to back up those files due to godaddy connection issues that lasted for over 3 years. i guess if the CEO feels to need to shoot wild animals for sport, one cannot be surprised by his lame policies. i fee sorry for the employees who must dread going to work each day.

  11. Greg Welch says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you Zander.

    One change, at least from my experience:

    In step 9, there was no “approve link” in the email from godaddy; instead there was only a *cancel* (the transfer) link, and the statement “If you want to proceed with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message.” I.e. the default (do nothing) was to approve it, but you could reject it by clicking the link. It appeared that if I did nothing they might not approve for five days, so I went ahead and logged into godaddy and found the “Pending Transfers” section under the domain section, and chose each domain and specified “Approve”. I just got the transfer confirmation emails from godaddy, and a “sorry to see you go” message. 🙂

    Thank you again!

  12. Paul Kasanda says:

    I signed up for $54 per years for 2 years. The renewal was sent to me for $322 for 2 years. That’s a triple increase.

    I called they billing department to complain. They had nothing to offer me to keep my business. TO downgrade to a lower package was still double the rate I signed up for and I had to do all the work of migrating my web site to a new location. If I migrate my web site, its going to be to another that does not try to slip a tripple rate increase under the radar.

    The billing agent was nice enough to refund me for one of the two years that I had just paid for. I promised to transfer the service to directnic. My other web site is hosted with directnic with the exact same features for $47 per year and the price remains stable.

    So my advice would be to never sign-up with godaddy in the first place. If you are signed up, start switching soon instead of being held hostage on your renewal data.

    To Godaddy… shame on you for scamming your customers and relying on the inattention of the who don’t notice. Building a business is about building a loyal custmoer base. Its not about tricking customer into pricing that is over tripple the going rate for the same service elsewhere.

    To everyone who needs hosting services, I say anyone but godaddy. Direct nick has been reliable, honest and stable in price. I’m sure there are a lot more out there like it. GO daddy is not to be trusted.

  13. syed says:

    Yes big time scam they are now. I am moving 300 domains and my email packages. They are losing customers big time due to these price increases and no coupons. godaddy – i am gone.

  14. pat says:

    I can confirm that Godaddy has lost it, when my domains are about to expire they send me an email offering the very interesting renewal rate of €14.99/yr ($16.40 per name) + Icann fees…

    NameCheap charges €8.79 Icann fees included.

    Of course I transfer all my names to NameCheap little by little…

    Godaddy does it best to lose a maximum of customers and… it works !

  15. NA says:

    leaving godaddy after 10+ years too. Too high domain prices, no customer service anymore, never solve any problems, no 250 smtp relays per day, delayed email delivery, removed posted authorization domain tranfer codes and replaced with “email code” just to try to make it inconvenient to move my domains elsewhere.

    Switched to, used a coupon on two purchases. Since then, during the past two years, all other coupons have been rejected, despite their clearly asking me if I had a coupon to use on each new transfer or purchase. All I get now is coupon rejected with error message “You have already used the coupon associated with its promotion the maximum number of times that are allowed.”

    I complained to and there response it that all $1 offers no matter what the coupon code is, are the same and can only be used one time per account! Bogus! Why ask for coupons each purchase then? Why post coupons with different codes then? Their policy does not state any such limit. They do state a difference between promotions they offer directly and what their “affiliates” offer, but don’t explain what that difference is.

    Namesilo support basically told me they only give A ONE TIME $1 OFF PER ACCOUNT TO NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY.

    YET, NEW DOMAIN NAME 35% OFF, COUPONS ARE REJECTED WITH THE SAME BOGUS MESSAGE – that’ I’ve used the coupon before, even though I haven’t.

    I think it is time for companies to clean up their coupon policies, state them clearly and stop misleading customers into thinking they actually have a coupon program you can use any time.

    Really if all coupon offs of $1 are the same no matter what the coupon code is, why bother? Why bother making hundreds of coupon codes and programing your website to recognize them, them?

    I’m not buying what Namesilo is claiming in their response to my complaint.

    As is, Namesilo’s coupon policy is badly stated, misleading and their afflicates are offering bogus coupons. It’s bad customer relations and poor business to treat customer like that – New or not.

  16. Paul says:

    Lol! I was a long time Godday customer, with them for years, bummed by having to hunt for coupon codes each year and the animal murder and sexist way so switched to NameSilo. Found that NameSilo email forwarding does not work, bkacklisted by major carriers so mail does not go through and also does not get returned. Switched back to Godaddy in a just a matter of days (yes, it can be done though typically requires six month wait).
    NameSilo is no savings when you consider that their incredibly limited features do not even work and their support people are few and very unprofessional and just plain rude. I rather be with the animal killer. At least he knows how to run a company, offers support, and has products that work. Saving a dollar can cost you hundreds with inferior companies like NameSilo. If you are thinking about switching ask yourself… Do you feel lucky?

    • Zander says:

      Honestly, I just use them for their registrar services, so I can’t speak to their e-mail forwarding or other services. And for that, I’ll take the $8.99/yr rate over GoDaddy’s $14.99/yr rate any day.. Especially when you own as many domains as I do. It adds up quick!

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