About Me

It’s the million-dollar question that’s got the Blogosphere buzzing:
Who the hell is Zander Chance?!

I’m a super-affiliate that makes MILLIONS each year, all from the comfort of my home. I’ve been making money on the web for over 10 years now – But unlike most super-affiliates, I’ve taken great pains to keep my identity under wraps. But all of that is about to change. I’ve decided to jump into the spotlight and strut my stuff. I’ve got the knowledge, and it’s time that I start spreading the wealth with my fellow web entrepreneurs.

Unlike other bloggers-for-profit, I’m writing this blog with the best of intentions. That doesn’t mean that I won’t take on advertisers in the future, or post a few affiliate links when deemed appropriate, but that’s not my goal with this site – I’ve already got 50+ sites that generate more than enough money for me. That said, I can’t promise daily updates on here, because I’ve got entirely too much going on. But what I can promise is that when I do post something, it’ll be of great value to you!

Thanks for visiting ZanderChance.com.