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Apple Introduces New, Cheaper 9.7-Inch iPad

On Tuesday, Apple announced a new version of its 9.7-inch iPad, and they decided to call it the “iPad”.. An odd naming choice that’s sure to cause some confusion in the short term, but we’ll let it slide, because there’s alot to like about the new iPad! The updated iPad sports a 9.7-inch Retina display, […]

Where Does iTunes Save iOS Updates?

When I opened up iTunes today, it prompted me to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 6.0.2. Oh joy, another 750MB download since Apple can’t simply issue patches like the rest of the world! Once the iOS update had downloaded, it had to extract the installation files. And that’s when it ran out of space. DOH! […]

AT&T Doesn’t Need Your Business!

I’ve had my iPhone for just over a year, which means I’m still stuck with a 2G version with EDGE, while the rest of the world is zipping by on the 3G network. 🙁 Determined not to make the same mistake, my Dad decided to wait until the WWDC before ordering an iPhone of his […]

iPhone 3G S Announcement

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off this morning, and we finally learned about the new iPhone, the 3G S. There were plenty of rumors circulating about the new iPhone, and unfortunately the real phone doesn’t live up to the hype. How does it differ from the regular 3G iPhone? It has a 3MP camera […]

Apple doubles iPhone, iPod Touch capacity

I expected this annoucement last month during MacWorld, but better late than never.. I’ve been holding off on getting an iPhone, as I need more than 8GB of memory. But I sure as hell won’t spend $499 for the new 16GB version! And where’s the 3G support?! The official press release: Apple Inc. updated its […]