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More Comcast Frustration..

So I picked up a new Plasma TV a few weeks ago, and it has support for 3D. I had heard a rumor that Comcast had some 3D programming, so I started searching the web for answers. Low and behold, a post led me to channels 980 and 981 – Two 3D channels offered by […]

F U Comcast!

So my cable provider is Comcast. I have their overpriced Triple Play service, which gives me TV, Internet, and phone. I pay a few bucks extra for an HD set-top box. For this, I pay around $140/mo. If I wanted to get their DVR service, it would be an additional $15/mo! No biggie, since I […]

Comcast Capping Bandwidth Usage!

A few months ago, I got an e-mail from my ISP (Comcast), notifying me that they were going to start tracking how much bandwidth you consumed, and that they were capping us at 250GB a month. According to their FAQ, if you go over the 250GB mark, you may receive a call from the Customer […]

Comcast E-mail Down For Hours!

In recent weeks, many Comcast subscribers have been having intermittent issues with their e-mail, but it’s been more of a nuisance than anything else. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon it took a dramatically different turn. For over 8 hours, many (if not all) Comcast subscribers were unable to retrieve their e-mail, be it through POP3 (Outlook, etc) […]