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The Planet Slashes Prices!

ThePlanet announces significant price reductions across the board! Prices on new server orders are reduced from 7 to 30 percent, while RAM and hard drives are reduced by 50 percent. Couple that with a recent announcement that every new server bundle now includes Symantec business-class antivirus software, 10GB of Storage Cloud, the company‚Äôs robust cloud […]

Some Changes To Zander Chance

Last summer, I moved most of my high traffic sites over to a dedicated server. I decided to keep Zander Chance and a few of my other sites on a shared host that was already pre-paid through March 2009. This was a mistake, and after watching my sites go down on 5 different occasions yesterday […]

Dedicated Servers From The Planet

We recently moved our blog network over to a dedicated server. And frankly, we should have done it sooner! If you’re serious about your online business, you shouldn’t be using shared hosting.. There’s an added expense with a dedicated server, but isn’t it worth it to ensure 99.9% uptime, a responsive support team, and greater […]