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New Season of The Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice 3 kicked off last night, marking the 9th season of the series.. I’m a HUGE fan of The Apprentice, but I really don’t care for the Celebrity editions. There’s no talents utilized in these editions, it’s more about how much money you can pull in from your rich friends. Still, I’m a […]

Learning From The Celebrity Apprentice

What can you learn from The Celebrity Apprentice? Not much, really.. In the Celebrity Apprentice, the celebrities raise money by calling on their wealthy friends. The bigger your rolodex, the better chance you have of winning. Let’s face it – You can’t sell a cupcake for $1000 in the REAL world. But as we’ve seen […]

The Affiliate Marketer’s Ringtone

Ever wonder what ringtone your favorite affiliate is sporting? Check mine out! Yeah, I know the phone is old, but my trusty LG VX6000 has never let me down. I’ll upgrade to an iPhone when they offer a 16GB version with 3G for $399 or less. Until then, I can live without it. 🙂