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Choose Your Business E-Mail Address Carefully

This afternoon, I opened up Outlook and saw literally THOUSANDS of e-mails with the same subject line: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender There were over 2600 e-mails like this, and more were coming in every minute. I immediately called my server admin to find out what the heck was going on! He did […]

Comcast E-mail Down For Hours!

In recent weeks, many Comcast subscribers have been having intermittent issues with their e-mail, but it’s been more of a nuisance than anything else. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon it took a dramatically different turn. For over 8 hours, many (if not all) Comcast subscribers were unable to retrieve their e-mail, be it through POP3 (Outlook, etc) […]

Take Control Of Your Email

Ever feel like you’re drowning in e-mail, and not making any progress on what’s important? Join the club! I get about 150-200 e-mails a day, and it is constantly taking me away from what I’m working on. It’s a challenge to find a good balance between e-mail and work. I deal with people who check […]