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The New Adsense Interface Stinks!

Why did Google go and mess with the Adsense interface? It used to be simple, but this new interface makes everything 10x as complicated to use! All I want to do is run a report to show me earnings since my last payment. In the old interface, the option is right on the main page, […]

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

I’m currently experiencing a HUGE drop of income from one of my primary affiliate sites, where sales are down almost 90%! Meanwhile, income source #2 is currently making $0, as the affiliate program I was promoting closed their doors without any warning. Yet I’m having one of the best months on record, because income source […]

Is AdSense Dead?

Google states that they pay out over $500 million each quarter to AdSense advertisers. Are they using old statistics, or is that still the case? Most webmasters I’ve talked with stated that they used to make a LOT of money with AdSense since it’s inception, but that things have changed. Maybe AdWords users have finally […]