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Check Your Site’s Analytics On The Go With Quicklytics

Analytics are a MUST for any website owner. These days, most people use Google Analytics – Because it does a great job of presenting your traffic information, and because it’s free. If you’re trying to optimize your site’s traffic, you can dig through your analytics and see where traffic is coming from, what keywords are […]

Where Did The Google Analytics “Old Version” Link Go?

For months now, I’ve resisted using the new version of Google Analytics, as it seems like it’s easier to find the information I’m looking for through their old interface. But when I logged into GA this morning, the link at the top right of the screen that said “Old Version” was missing! So I mucked […]

Adding Google Analytics Code To phpLD

I recently started a niche web directory, and I’m using phpLD. When I went to add the Google Analytics code to my template, I had an issue. Because phpLD uses the Smarty templating system, simply opening the footer.tpl and placing the Analytics code before the closing body tag will result in an error. You need […]