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Instagram FINALLY Adds Support For Scheduled Posts

One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is how they’ve walled off the platform, requiring you to post from your phone, with no way to schedule things ahead of time. Awhile back, I started using Hootsuite to compose posts on my PC, but it was still a tedious process, as per Instagram’s TOS, you […]

The Days Of Gaming Instagram Look To Be Over

Influencers are all the rage right now, with brands shelling out big bucks to get their products in front of them and their followers. But here’s the thing.. Their 60K followers, they might not be as real as one might expect. You see, many people having been gaming Instagram for years, using a variety of […]

Instagram To Launch Support For Multiple Accounts

Do you manage more than a few Instagram accounts? If so, get ready to do the happy dance, because Instagram is FINALLY working on a new version of their mobile app for both iOS and Android users that will allow them to quickly move between multiple accounts without having to log in and out like […]