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Where Does iTunes Save iOS Updates?

When I opened up iTunes today, it prompted me to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 6.0.2. Oh joy, another 750MB download since Apple can’t simply issue patches like the rest of the world! Once the iOS update had downloaded, it had to extract the installation files. And that’s when it ran out of space. DOH! […]

iPhone Upgrade Option For 2G Owners

I am an idiot! Apple announced the release of their iPhone 3G S, and I just sat on the sidelines. Having picked up my refurb 2G iPhone last February, I thought I had to wait until February 2010 until I could upgrade to the new phone at the $199 price. Turns out I was wrong! […]

AT&T Doesn’t Need Your Business!

I’ve had my iPhone for just over a year, which means I’m still stuck with a 2G version with EDGE, while the rest of the world is zipping by on the 3G network. 🙁 Determined not to make the same mistake, my Dad decided to wait until the WWDC before ordering an iPhone of his […]

Testing Out WordPress iPhone App

Since I’m on the road right now, I downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. (I didn’t feel like lugging around my laptop) I was skeptical at how useful it would be, but I’m REALLY impressed! These guys did a phenominal job, and I’ll be using this app a lot more in the future. 🙂

invisibleSHIELD Available For New iPhone

The new 3G iPhone comes out tomorrow, and I’ve already made my first purchase for it – The invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG. I purchased my first invisibleSHIELD last year when I got my first iPhone, because I wanted something to protect the screen since I just keep it in my pocket. ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD is a thin […]

Popular Magazines Available For Free On Your iPhone!

Zinio has released an optimized iPhone magazine reader, which allows you to view full popular magazines for free! On their regular website, charges $4.99 an issue to access major magazines like Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, U.S. News & World Report, and PC Magazine. They also sport racier titles such as Playboy and Penthouse. […]

3G IPhone Launch Coming Soon?

Crap! Less than a month after I picked up my iPhone, and now rumors are swirling that a new iPhone with 3G and GPS is slated to ship in May or June! In addition, there’s a rumor that the new phone will have two cameras – One for video chat, and one for taking pictures. […]

Apple’s New iPod Lineup

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple’s new lineup of iPods a few days ago at an event at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. I’ve been content with my old 4GB Mini for quite awhile now, but these new offerings really have my head spinning! Here are the highlights: The iPod shuffle get new colors. The iPod […]