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WordPress Comments Closed Yet Spam Still Getting In

This one has me scratching my head.. As I mentioned a few weeks back, we archived a WordPress site for a client, moving 19.971 posts onto a seperate “archive” site. The move itself went pretty smoothly, but one thing they noticed was that they were still getting tons of comment spam. After discussing the various […]

So Much Spam On Twitter!

I’ve had a Twitter account for quite some time now, but I wasn’t really using them to their full potential. I was using Twitterfeed to send my blog updates to my followers, and that was about it. Now I’ve become more active on Twitter, and I’m baffled by the amount of spam on there! (Hookers, […]

Removing Old Subscribers From Subscribe To Comments Plugin

The Subscribe to Comments plugin is a plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent comments. It’s a great way to engage your users and get them to come back to your site. I’ve been a loyal user since 2006, and the only problem I’ve faced is that I’ve now got […]