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Thinking About Switching Hosts

Finding a reliable hosting company is hard.. And finding one that could keep up with our demands is even harder. (We have over 60 sites, generating close to 1Mil pageviews/month) Yet last April, I stumbled onto the holy grail of hosting, and their name was Mosso. (They’ve since changed their name to The Rackspace Cloud) […]

Another Hosting Company Compromised By Hackers

When the Pharma Hack first came on the scene, certain hosts like Network Solutions and GoDaddy were taking a lot of the heat, as there were some security lapses on their part. To their credit, they came forward, took ownership of the problem, and helped their customer. As you might remember, I was also affected […]

Web Hosting Reviews: Best Cloud Hosting Company

Cloud Hosting is the next iteration of hosting. Cloud hosting had been creating quite a buzz around these days. You might be hearing the phrase for the first time, but the technology is not something new. Generally, websites hosted on a cloud operate on a cluster of servers, where online operations are not limited to […]

Mosso is Now The Rackspace Cloud

I’ve posted about Mosso a few times in the past month or so, and I’m happy to report that things are still running smoothly with them. They recently changed names, and are now called The Rackspace Cloud. All that’s changed is the name, the service remains the same as before. If you’d like to give […]