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Another Hosting Company Compromised By Hackers

When the Pharma Hack first came on the scene, certain hosts like Network Solutions and GoDaddy were taking a lot of the heat, as there were some security lapses on their part. To their credit, they came forward, took ownership of the problem, and helped their customer. As you might remember, I was also affected […]

Cleaning Up Your DB After Ultimate Tag Warrior

Did you use the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin prior to the release of WordPress v2.3? In version 2.3, WordPress added native “tagging”, which made UTW obsolete. Prior to that, those of us who wanted to use tags had to turn to an external pluginn the most popular being Ultimate Tag Warrior. When WP 2.3 was […]

Removing Old Subscribers From Subscribe To Comments Plugin

The Subscribe to Comments plugin is a plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent comments. It’s a great way to engage your users and get them to come back to your site. I’ve been a loyal user since 2006, and the only problem I’ve faced is that I’ve now got […]

Testing Out WordPress iPhone App

Since I’m on the road right now, I downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. (I didn’t feel like lugging around my laptop) I was skeptical at how useful it would be, but I’m REALLY impressed! These guys did a phenominal job, and I’ll be using this app a lot more in the future. 🙂

Magazine Themes Suck

I swear, it’s getting ridiculous! I was looking for a new theme to use for one of our sites, and ALL I could find were these damn magazine-style themes.. I personally blame John Chow (and Unique Blog Designs) for making this blog style so popular!! Seriously though, while it may be aesthetically pleasing at first […]

Change images to full size in WordPress media gallery

WordPress introduced their new media gallery in v2.5, and it’s been a royal PITA. I never saw anything wrong with the old system, but the powers that be felt it necessary to tinker with it. I was annoyed to find out that the default image posting size is medium (which is about 300px). I repeatedly […]

WordPress + Zend Optimizer = Disaster

I’ve been struggling with an ongoing issue since August, and we had all but contained it.. Then last week, I needed to install Zend Optimizer on our server for another project we’re working on. That caused a world of trouble! I can’t blame WordPress, because there are plenty of people running WP with Zend, and […]