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Testing Out WordPress iPhone App

Since I’m on the road right now, I downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. (I didn’t feel like lugging around my laptop) I was skeptical at how useful it would be, but I’m REALLY impressed! These guys did a phenominal job, and I’ll be using this app a lot more in the future. 🙂

Magazine Themes Suck

I swear, it’s getting ridiculous! I was looking for a new theme to use for one of our sites, and ALL I could find were these damn magazine-style themes.. I personally blame John Chow (and Unique Blog Designs) for making this blog style so popular!! Seriously though, while it may be aesthetically pleasing at first […]

Change images to full size in WordPress media gallery

WordPress introduced their new media gallery in v2.5, and it’s been a royal PITA. I never saw anything wrong with the old system, but the powers that be felt it necessary to tinker with it. I was annoyed to find out that the default image posting size is medium (which is about 300px). I repeatedly […]

WordPress + Zend Optimizer = Disaster

I’ve been struggling with an ongoing issue since August, and we had all but contained it.. Then last week, I needed to install Zend Optimizer on our server for another project we’re working on. That caused a world of trouble! I can’t blame WordPress, because there are plenty of people running WP with Zend, and […]

Get More Comments On Your Blog

Brad The BlogBoy made a post recently about 5 WordPress plugins that can help drive comments to your blog. I thought it was a great post, and I wanted to talk more about it. His first suggestion was to install Nofollow Free, a plug-in that removes the no-follow tag from comments left on your blog. […]